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Business Continuity Plan Summary
In accordance with FINRA Rule 4370, set forth below is a brief explanation of how CBRE Capital Advisor’s business continuity plan addresses the possibility of a future significant business disruption and the plan to respond to events of varying scope. Consistent with the firm’s commitment to provide exceptional customer service and pursuant to FINRA requirements, CBRE Capital Advisors maintains an active business continuity planning program. The firm’s business continuity strategy is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, addressing the following issues in the contexts of both short-term and long-term disruptions:
  • Business Processes
  • Technology
  • Personnel
  • Facilities
  • Communication (internal and external)
In the event of a short-term disruption, such as an evacuation of one or more primary sites, alternative recovery site arrangements have been made. Different courses of action will be pursued depending on the impacted sites. To the extent necessary, critical processing will be rerouted to locations that are a significant distance from the affected processing location. Critical impacted staff will be relocated to another local site. In the event of a long-term disruption, such as structural damage to one or more primary sites or occupation of a primary site being prohibited for a significant period of time, alternative staff recovery site arrangements exist. Importantly, key technology resides within third party provider sites independent from any of the firm’s systems. Critical impacted staff will be relocated to an alternate site that has the capacity to sustain a longer period of disruption.

Communication with customers, vendors, and employees is critical to the firm’s ability to provide exceptional customer service during a disruption. Our business continuity plan provides for employee communications from the executive leadership throughout the entire employee population. Emergency employee contact lists are updated throughout the year to ensure that these lists are accurate. Vendor and customer contact information is maintained electronically with third party back-up providers. Additionally, the Chief Compliance Officer reviews the Disaster Recovery Procedures that are in place, including all employee contact data, on a routine basis to ensure that they are up to date. The business continuity plan is subject to modification and we may update this summary periodically. Customers may obtain an updated summary by requesting a written copy by mail. In conclusion, CBRE Capital Advisors has a robust business continuity program that is focused on customer service, the safety of employees and risk mitigation. If you have any questions regarding our business recovery plan or seek additional information, please contact the Chief Compliance Officer at (214) 863-4255.

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